H  E  L  A  N  E     L  E  V  I  N  E  -  K  E  A  T  I  N  G

r e c e n t   e x h i b i t i o n

L U C I D  D R E A M S

Featured at Longyear Gallery
Margaretville, NY, September 20 - October 14, 2013


Helane Levine-Keating’s exhibit “Lucid Dreams” is comprised of a body of photographs taken in the last two years in New Kingston and Platte Clove in the Catskills; North Bennington, Vermont; Storm King, New York; New York Botanical Gardens; and in New York City’s Central Park. The images are a continuation of Levine-Keating’s desire to “blur the line between photography and painting” as she explores of effects of natural light on landscapes and flowers and then makes her own prints on different types of archival paper. Levine-Keating cites the Czech photographer Josef Sudek as a recent influence on her work, as his photographs of Prague and its surrounding woods and those taken of his studio window reflect the “mystery of light” from both a romantic and modern perspective. According to Levine-Keating, “Lucid Dreams,” a name for dreams in which one is aware one is dreaming and can even manage to navigate the dream, “are what I am seeking to portray in the images in this exhibit, as they suggest dream states lit by awareness of location and emotional experience. When I am photographing, I am both dreaming and awake, and I hope to convey the liminal state or threshold between the two.”



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